Draught ice cream is a delicious delicacy

Do you need your restaurant, pastry shop or booth to revive selling some great sweets? In this case, a draft ice cream from Adria Gold is exactly for you. It will sell very well and taste the customers. And from A financial standpoint, you certainly won't regret it. No better choice!
Our delicate draught ice cream from honest, Czech raw materials is the right to your assortment. We achieve the most delicious taste thanks to our quality ingredients, which creates an irresistible creamy blend that you know well. Every age category from the smallest children to the pensioner will surely love it.
Cool Delicacy
The ice cream must taste delicious and be refreshing. And that's exactly what the Adria Gold products are. Draught ice cream is the best you can give to your customers. So take advantage of cooperation with our company and just count the profits.