Ideas on how to seize children

In summer and winter there is sometimes a little trouble. Actually, whatever the season. It replaces us with the fact that these are our darlers. As long as they're tiny and not going, it's almost like a doll, but as big as they are, you have to entertain them with something. In winter, you can go for a bite, or bobsled or sleding at least to the local nearby hill. In summer, it is run after excursions or sporting outdoor events.
A momental distraction
On the trips we have the advantage of being able to buy them. Of course, children will stand at every next stall and want plush teddy bears or other animals, tractors or planes and all other things. Next, sweetness. But even something good and cold on the tooth for a summer trip just belongs. Such ice cream with some great flavor, which they prefer, it is a wonderful moment distraction. The children will calm down and enjoy their very good taste.