Sell Ice Cream

We have been with you for over twenty years and your satisfaction with our products is important to us. Our ice creams are the right thing for your customers to hot days when they need to freshest up when they have a taste for excellent frosty delights that bring them our Adria Gold ice cream. Choose your ice cream menu from a wealth of flavours that bring joy and pleasure to your customers in life.
Do you sell ice cream? Are your customers getting tired of the same flavors? Forget about the classic chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, let them enjoy the delicious mango, breath taking blueberry or the flavor of subtropical fruit called Acaí.

Draught, draught, my favorite
For lovers of draft ice cream we have a choice of taste varieties, which include lemon, vanilla, chocolate, pistachios, raspberry and many others. Tune the day to the people of our great ice cream.